HeroPath is the "real deal" - the keystone to leading an extraordinary life

There is nothing else out there in the world that comes remotely close to creating the deep, positive value and impact for teens that HeroPath offers in just one weekend.

No other program – not Landmark, not school programs, not treatment groups -- holds a candle to HeroPath and its ability to create truly lasting changes in confidence, clarity and direction for teens on the cusp of adulthood.


HEROPATH trains teens to surround themselves with others who are going places.

Who your teen associates with in life has an enormous impact on his or her values and their beliefs.  All too often, teens default to the easy choice:  dumbing themselves down, acting differently, doing whatever it takes to be “in” with the popular crowd. HeroPath gives your teen the tools to quickly identify and connect with lifelong friends who will support them in their important growth goals.


HEROPATH redirects teens’ focus on those whose opinions and approval matter most.

Most teens seek the approval of friends, teachers, and parents.  But what if your budding lawyer sought the counsel of a neighbor who built her own law firm from the ground up? Or if your would-be writer began asking the local editor-in-chief for guidance?  Or if your teen sought the advice and counsel of adults who already enjoy healthy and thriving relationships instead of turning to peers? HeroPath helps your teen seize possibilities early in life for the competitive advantage. 


HEROPATH makes sure teens assess the consequences of seductive temptations.

Your teen is at a crossroads.  He or she can make smart, healthy choices or be sidelined for life based on a few foolish, in-the-moment choices fueled by alcohol, drugs and sex.  HeroPath gives teens strategies to resist temptations in lieu of a greater goal.


HEROPATH teaches teens to maturely handle disappointments and setbacks.

The victim stance can feel oh-so-satisfying but after a while, it becomes a selffulfilling prophecy.  HeroPath gets your teen ready to handle life’s inevitable setbacks with maturity with questions like, “What role did I play?  How can I apply this lesson to future disappointments?  What do I need to take away from this experience?”


HEROPATH trains teens to make excellent career direction decisions.

Whether performing with excellence, choosing what college to go to or deciding what career path to go down, HeroPath points your teen in the right direction.  As a result, he or she can wake up every single morning and look forward to what lies ahead.