We train your teen to STAND OUT from the crowd instead of simply following the herd.

Ask your teen what the path to economic and personal success looks like and you’ll likely receive this time-worn answer:  “Study hard.  Get good grades.  Make sure you go to a good school.  Hang out with the most popular crowd.”

What if all this traditional wisdom was flat-out WRONG?

THE TRUTH IS, GETTING GOOD GRADES AND ATTENDING A PROMINENT SCHOOL IS SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH THESE DAYS. In our increasingly competitive world, your teen needs to stand out, rather than just fit in, in order to live a great life filled with unlimited possibilities. 

What goes on at a HeroPath weekend?

We shake up your teen’s thinking though a unique and powerful process that makes them question how they think about their lives, what’s most important to them, and most importantly, who and how they are when they’re performing at their most authentic and very best.

These programs are lead by people who are extraordinarily adept at working with this age group.  We team with kids who are on the threshold of settling for a “good enough” kind of life and turn them into those rare teens who can comfortably stand in their own skin, really know who they are and what they want in life, and are poised to act on it.

By the end of the weekend, teens are in touch with their own voices, eager to step into their young adult lives and ready to rock the world in their own little ways…or sometimes in big ways. They leave our workshop with the skills, perspective, knowledge and wisdom they need to take their place among the extraordinary.

HeroPath will equip your teen with powerful tools and strategies to keep positive and focused.

Whether meeting unexpected challenges or seizing rare opportunities that require immediate and bold action, HeroPath trains teens to be ready for anything that life brings their way.