Give your teens the LIFE-CHANGING TOOLS to help them STAND OUT not just FIT IN.

Does this sound familiar? Taylor was a teen who seemed to have it all together.  He was bright, sensitive, and filled with hope and promise. 

But there was one thing his parents didn’t know:  at just 15 years old, Taylor was all but ready to give up on his chances to fulfill his greatest potential. As a result of a constant stream of contradictory and cynical societal and peer messages, he had fallen into habits of mediocrity and compromise.  

Taylor is not unique.   Today, the majority of teens are navigating a complex and chaotic world, giving into temptations that cost them confidence, healthy friendships, higher GPAs, and points on critical exams.

HeroPath restores hope and belief in life’s possibilities… whatever obstacles your teen may face. 

HeroPath for Teens is like no other program available today.  It is not a feel good “you can do anything you set your mind to” program.  Nor is it team-building exercise or a treatment program for “troubled teens.” 

Instead, it’s a radically different, totally effective coursethat prepares teens to thrive in college and beyond.

This fast-paced, mind-opening, one-of-a-kind opportunity helps teens master the most critical skill they will need in life:  how and where to concentrate their time, energies, and attention…and with whom.  

We turbo-charge your teen’s capacity to sustain a laser-beam focus on his or her most important goals, despite temptation, distraction or fatigue.  As a result, your teen will gain the confidence to stand up to pressure and forge forward, no matter what challenges threaten to block his or her path.

This effective and transformational program helps shape who your teen becomes by building sophisticated relationship, communication, and decision-making skills, ultimately leading to true success and personal fulfillment.  HeroPath is powerful, proven and could very well make the difference between a good life and an extraordinary one.