"On the 22nd January 2010 I was an ordinary teenage girl, content with the life I was leading. Today I still am exactly the same person, living in exactly the same place, yet I have a completely different take on life. I walked into the programme, intrigued, I thought it would be a good experience, but I honestly thought that it had very little to offer me that I didn't already know. Two days later I walked out empowered to lead the life I wanted to lead.

I used what I learned there to push through my fears that kept me from playing competitive sports.  To my surprise, within a year of attending HeroPath, I was invited to play on the British National Ultimate Frizbee Team. 

Now I am in University, have great friends, manage stress so easily and am really living my life. I think every teen would benefit from what they teach at HeroPath."

Amy, 16, Midlands


I never expected anything to change after I went to this "life changing workshop." but just after a few days I've seen a lot of change. The way I was before was shy and timid, within a couple of days I feel courageous and on top of the world (even though that’s geographically wrong.) The people around me are starting to respect me and are also noticing the changes too. Thank you HeroPath, Jeff, Des and Hilary"

Rose, 16. Hamilton, New Zealand


HeroPath quickly led me from being an insecure, directionless teen, to becoming a secure, confident young adult. I’ve put myself through college, traveled the world, am professionally successful, living in in New York City, have amazing relationships.. and I owe so much of it to what HeroPath taught me about how to live life to make it be this way. There are so many things I know that my peers don’t, and situations I can easily handle that stress others out. I recommend him to anyone who knows there must be more and refuses to live a life without it.”

Mark, 26, New York, SUNY Buffalo, 2006

"My ability to trust my instincts and intuition has improved the quality and direction of my life. I am able to know who to trust, who to make friends with and who not to. It was a daunting and yet empowering feeling at 16 years old to realise that you really can pursue anything you want in life. I really cannot recommend this workshop enough.  Even 5 years on, the things I have learnt are still relevant and always will be. To have the confidence and belief to follow an extraordinary life and pursue your passion is a rare thing. To gain this confidence in a weekend is even rarer.”

Aaron, 21, Herts

Yesterday I found myself in a situation that made me realise just how much I have got from these courses.

Two years ago my group of girlfriends suddenly started not talking to me, backstabbing me and trying to make my life impossible.

After a month of taking this, I decided I didn’t want them in my life.

For a year they still texted me, shouted at me whenever they saw me and made it perfectly clear that they really hated me. I was really lucky and got closer to other friends I’ve had all my life and are really true to me, but I hadn’t spent so much time with them (I spent all my time with the other girlfriends!).

Well, yesterday, two years after not talking to those girls, I received a Facebook inbox message from one of these girlfriends asking me how I am, and telling me that she would like to be my friend on Facebook again because after all we were once very close and she wants that back. 

I used to be a drama queen and try to make a drama out of everything; I would ask people for their advice and what they would do to know how I should act. I would worry and worry about not taking the right decision, about what others would think about the way I acted and being very insecure about what I had to do.

HeroPath taught me that there isn’t one universally right decision, but there is my decision that has to be right for me and will be right as long as it is for me. 

After reading this girlfriend’s email I realised that unconsciously I was asking myself, how do you feel about this? Is it a definite yes (do you want to be friends with her on Facebook?)? A definite no? Or do you need more information?

Regardless of what my decision is, it has been so life-changing for me to understand that it’s me and only me who can decide for me and that to stay true to who I am I have to do that: stay true to who I am, which implies acting in the way I want to act. Knowing that for many decisions there is no right or wrong, and that I have to decide for myself.  And this is only one of the many many things I took from those courses.

- Alys, 20, Barcelona, Spain; Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2013