HeroPath gets your teen out of the "stuck" position... and on the way to a fulfilling life.

Consider the difference between Jake and Matt.

Jake is poised to graduate from a highly rated high school  He loved his high school years;  he partied hard, had tons of friends, and never earned less than a B.  Yet with graduation in sight, he has no real plan and little direction.

And then there’s Matthew – a young man who took a very different path.  He, too, is about ready to graduate.  But unlike Jake, he followed a path that earned him early admissions to his chosen college. Before setting foot on campus, he has already declared a major and has made contacts that will help him at the university and down the road.  

In today’s complex world, teens have very little “wiggle room” to get it right.  They’re only in high school for a few short years and it’s important to use those years as a springboard for a deeply satisfying life. HeroPath can get your teen out of a “stuck” position to claim a life that can be filled with promise.  

Here are just a few examples of teens we’ve helped…


The Invisible Boy

Doing invisible is a skill many teens have mastered, effectively allowing them to be present in a room without being noticed.  And so it was with Tommy, a nice kid who quietly gave the “right” answers without daring to stand up or stand out in the class.  He was on his way to settling for an ordinary life until I asked him one powerful question that turned everything around…

“At what point in your life did you decide that your opinion doesn’t matter?”

Then I proceeded:  “I can tell you have all sorts of thoughts and opinions but you keep them to yourself, especially when saying them out loud would be disagreeable to others or controversial.  Do you want to change that right now, forever?”

Once Tommy was receptive to change, it began happening fast.  He quickly mastered the fundamentals of Soma-Semantics™ and Elite Performance Attention Training™ at the core of the HeroPath trainings… which separates THIS from every program for teens anywhere in the world.  His transformation was striking.

For the rest of the weekend, Tommy sat differently, contributed more and made himself more visible. At various intervals, he asked for guidance in situations when he wanted to speak up but didn’t know what to say.  By the end of the weekend, Tommy knew just what he had to do to be in control of himself from the inside, instead of constantly letting outside circumstances influence how he reacted.


Abandoned By Her Best Friend

When Claire’s best friend Jackie began to hang out with the popular kids, she felt diminished and isolated. She might have wasted months dwelling in self-pity.  Yet after attending our program, she no longer cared what Jackie did; in fact, Claire changed all her courses to AP and Honors classes.  Here’s how it happened…

It’s an all-too-common scenario:  almost overnight, one good friend begins dressing differently, laughing at things that aren’t funny, and acting interested in things that never mattered before…leaving the former friend feeling hurt, abandoned and alone.  And so it was with Claire and Jackie.

Claire wanted to confront Jackie productively.  She just didn’t know how. While most of the helping profession focuses on helping teens solve problems like these, HeroPath’s focus is on helping them grow into people who don’t even have these problems.

Giving Claire the help to manage this situation only took an hour:  two minutes to tell her what to say to Jackie and 58 minutes of framing and contextualizing what was going on in a way that ensured no matter how it went, Claire would walk away with something substantial.

And did she ever!  Not only did the talk with Jackie go better than expected but Claire no longer cared what Jackie or these girls were going to say or do moving forward.  Within a short time, Claire changed all her courses to AP and Honors classes, decided to run for Student Government, and reached out to a former friend. No longer was she dependent on “the popular crowed”;  she had her own inner compass.


Standing Up To Peer Pressure

Following a nasty parental divorce, Stella’s greatest fear was that she would never be liked, desired or loved. She was often loud and obnoxious with an “I couldn’t care less” attitude that was fast becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.   In our program, I asked one question that caught her off guard and made her rethink her life.  

Stella was attractive, spirited, intelligent…and also incredibly insecure.  She had already perfected her “wild and crazy party girl” act…while secretly, she envied others who seemed to have what she felt she most lacked.

I waited for the right moment and asked her something that caught her off guard:  “So, Stella, I have a different question for you.  When’s the last time you remember just feeling at peace inside yourself and what was it like for you?”

The purpose was to get Stella to reveal and understand who she was when she was at her very best.  With a bit of follow-up work, the difference was startling.  Stella appeared calmer, more relaxed more centered…and willing to take her new skills, perspective and wisdom and apply it to all parts of her promising life.