By now, you probably have some questions...

What kinds of teens are the perfect fit for HeroPath?

Most of the teens we work with have one thing in common:  they’re loaded with potential and want to lead a more meaningful life than is the norm in popular peer culture.  

Many are struggling with the demands of today’s teen life – particularly academic pressure and social issues (too much drama or not enough!)  And the majority are smart, sensitive, deep-thinking and trying hard to define themselves in our shortsighted, instant-gratification world. 

So your program is not designed for troubled teens?

For the most part, no.  Mostly our program is tailor-made for those who don’t yet have the maturity and coping skills to be comfortable in their own skin. However, if your teen is beginning to veer off track and needs quick intervention to head back in the right direction, HeroPath can make the world of difference.

What age teens do you work with?

Most of the teens in HeroPath are of high school age, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Wouldn’t one-on-one psychotherapy be a better option?

Psychotherapy has its place in the helping continuum.  Chances are, though, your teen isn’t coping with a psychological disorder; instead, he or she is simply dealing with normal growing up issues.  HeroPath is designed to give your teen the strategies to think critically and make excellent decisions – not as followers, but as leaders who take responsibility for his or her own life.

Do we really need HeroPath?  Shouldn’t I be the one to guide my son or daughter towards a fulfilled life?

Most parents do a great job in making sure their teens know they are loved and secure, but no parent can do everything. The very nature of the parent-child relationship is fraught with obstacles. 

Many default to being their teen’s friend to avoid day-to-day conflict.  Others all into continual power struggles that, try as they might, are difficult to overcome.  We give your teen the strategies and coping skills to rise above challenges and emerge as the extraordinary person he or she has the capacity to become. 

What makes Jeff Leiken the right person to conduct this workshop?

Jeff is widely respected for his honest and unapologetic message about what it takes to truly help today’s teens to thrive and brings a genuine passion to his work.  

Jeff holds a Masters Degree in Educational Counseling, a Pupil Personnel Services Credential from the State of California, served as Adjunct Faculty at the University of San Francisco Graduate School of Education, and has guest lectured at Stanford University.  He has spoken at over 100 professional conferences and has helped train over 20,000 adults in the youth development field. 

Is HeroPath worth the investment?

Absolutely.  Your teen will complete the workshop with a laser-sharp focus on his or her most important goals and ready to overcome obstacles that stand in the way.  HeroPath can truly make the difference between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one…and there’s no price tag any parent can put on that.

Does HeroPath really work?

Over and over again, we’ve proven that it has.  HeroPath grows teens into are more secure, mature, thriving young adults who are ready not just to face life’s challenges, but to do so boldly and successfully.  Those who have already participated in HeroPath workshops often tell us that they…

  • Make more mature decisions and stay composed under pressure.
  • Manage stress more effectively without resorting to drugs.
  • Stay positively oriented even when surrounded by negativity
  • Learn and integrate the lessons contained in their mistakes.
  • Stand out from the crowd for positive reasons.
  • Build real friendships and truly connect, not just “hook-up.”